Meet Acacia

My name is Acacia Rose Flowery. I moved here to escape the torture my family was putting me through. I come from royalty and my parents had arranged a wedding for me on my 18th birthday. When I refused to marry the man they had chosen they forced to me leave, and so I did. I left home with $8,000 to my name and bought a simple, empty lot. I will make this empty lot a great home one day. I would describe myself as flirty, excitable, a hopeless romantic, and artistic. My friends say I’m absent-minded. I dream of becoming a visionary. I want to master the photographing and painting skills.

My first day here was very eventful. I hired some men to throw up some walls and I bought a few things that I would need. My most prized possession was my painting easel, and I was able to bring it along.  I had a camera that I had gotten for my birthday, but my parents took it from me.

The next day, I drove into town to have a look around for a potential job. Luck was on my side, and I saw a “help wanted” sign on the front door of the local Bistro. I was given the job on the spot, no questions asked. I met my boss Stan Henley, and I was taken aback by his handsomeness. I stayed around for a few hours, getting to know some of the locals.

I went to bed very late and had just fallen asleep when I heard something outside. I had never lived alone, so of course I was afraid. Before I knew what was going on, someone had come in and ran back out. I was very shaken and called 911, but the burglar was nowhere to be found and neither was my toilet. The police told me there had been reports of an insane toilet thief in the area, and I needed to keep my doors locked. I wasn’t able to go back to sleep until daybreak.

I woke up around 11 the next morning to my phone ringing. It was Stan, my boss, reminding me that work started at 2:00pm sharp and I assured him I wouldn’t be late.



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15 responses to “Meet Acacia

  1. Berry

    awww K! She is gorgeous! 🙂 Make sure to share this story on our site, and check out the fun little project we have goin! 🙂

    Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Audrey

    That darn toilet burglar xD Can’t wait to read the rest of the chapters!

  3. Ooh, Acacia is very pretty! Lol@insane toilet thief. Burglars always steal the wierdest stuff, don’tt hey?

  4. Wow. Four comments in 2 hours. That’s awesome. In my game Acacia already has 2 children, so I have tons of catching up to do and I gotta work on this website. 🙂 Does anybody know how to create your own banner at the top? Where the books are up there, I want to do like a banner with my founder and then heir’s pictures. Anybody know how??

  5. seaweedy

    Acacia has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a SIM.
    Great work.

  6. im into this already, 2 kids already? i want to see them! who is the mate? uhg update!

  7. ROFL. thank goodness he didn’t steal the easel

  8. I LOVE HER HAIR! That is always a good start to a legacy. Off to read more!

  9. I love the name Acacia 😀
    And a toilet robber? Lol that is hilarious, hope Acacia can buy a new one soon enough 😉

  10. Acacia is such a beautiful and creative name.. 😛 Nice first chapter! Please check out my new legacy!! It’s my first one and I would love it if you would read through and comment on it! 🙂

    Here’s a link:

    Thanks so much 🙂

    anyway great job loving it so far and I can’t wait to read more!

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